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Psychological Counseling, Supervision, Consultation, Training, & Workshop
Bilingual in Korean and English

Dr. Cecile 혜원 Bhang, Ph.D.

Licensed Counseling Psychologist (CA, #32184)


My name is Dr. Cecile 혜원 Bhang (she/her/hers) and I am a licensed psychologist in California, U.S.A., and an Assistant Professor at Sonoma State University. I received my Masters degree (M.A.) in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and my Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University Chicago. I have worked with diverse individuals and families in various mental health settings including community mental health agencies, private practice, and University counseling centers with an emphasis on providing culturally sensitive mental health services which include bilingual counseling in Korean and English.

Currently, I am offering counseling services to clients in California and South Korea. 


In supporting the client’s growth and change, a healthy therapeutic alliance is at the core of my approach and I work to build a genuine, empathic and mutually growth fostering therapeutic relationship. 


I favor the use of client-centered, strengths-based counseling while integrating core concepts and techniques from evidence-based approaches such as Relational Cultural, CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy), ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) and DBT (Dialectic behavioral therapy). By utilizing this integrative approach in my clinical work, I am able to understand clients’ concerns more comprehensively, and I can apply a wide range of clinical interventions that are specific to the client's needs with this multi-theoretical approach.


I recognize the importance to understand clients as cultural beings who are experts in their own experience and as individuals who possess inner resources for growth and I strive to empower my clients to develop an internal locus of control and a sense of hope.



What and Who do I work with?

Are you...

Persons of Color

Women of Color 

Immigrants/children of immigrants

College/graduate students

Young and emerging adults (late teens - people in 30s)

Bilingual in Korean and English

Do you experience...

Career-related concerns 



Life transitions & Adjustments 

Relationship Concerns (romantic/work/peer)


Grief and Loss 

Identity Development 

Cultural Navigation (biculturalism, acculturation)

Intergenerational Conflict

Anyone or anything other than listed? 

Please contact me at to discuss!

Hello from Dr. Bhang


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Counseling?

- Counseling is a collaborative process which involves the development of a unique, confidential, therapeutic, helping relationship. In this relationship, the therapist acts as a facilitator in helping the client to make needed changes in ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving and guide clients to understand more accurately themselves and the world around them; to better understand their feelings and behaviors; and to assist individuals in dealing effectively with problems.

2. Is counseling only for people with emotional problems or serious issues? 

- No! Life can be quite stressful at times and many of us encounter problems that are not easily resolved, or our usual ways of handling problems aren’t working well for some reason. Counseling can be a helpful means of support to address concerns that may be interfering with people's ability to function. Discussion of whatever is important and impacting an individual's life can enable an individual to grow towards greater freedom in making mature choices and taking responsible action.

3.  What kinds of concerns can I bring to counseling?

- People bring a range of concerns including (but certainly not limited to): depression, anxiety, stress management, life transitions and adjustment, family or personal crises, interpersonal conflict with friends, colleagues, or romantic partners, educational or vocational ambiguity, grief and loss, identity development, issues related to gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, and the list goes on! If you have any questions about what you'd like to bring to counseling, schedule a free initial consultation for more info and clarification by sending an email to

4. How long are counseling sessions?

- The typical counseling session is 50-minute following the intake session, which is 75-minutes. We can discuss having a longer session like 60-minutes and 90-minutes depending on your need and availability.

5.  What can I expect in our sessions?

- In your first session, which is called an "intake" session, I will spend some time 1) discussing the forms with you, 2) you will be asked demographic and background informational questions, 3) to describe why you are interested in counseling and 4) what you hope to get out of the experience. At the end of the intake session, I will share some of my initial observations along with recommendations and we will mutually develop your goals for the counseling. 


What happens during the course of your counseling experience may differ over time, based on your situation, progress, or changes in your life. I may at times suggest exploring potential solutions such as relaxation training, journaling, role-playing, talking with relevant individuals, reading assignments, or even “homework.” How the therapeutic process will progress depends on your needs and goals.

6. Is my information confidential? 

- As a licensed psychologist, I follow the professional, legal and ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the State of California. This means that information about your counseling sessions is not shared with anyone without your expressed written permission. Only in rare exceptions when the safety of a client or other is at risk can disclosure of confidential client-therapist information take place. I can cover this in a more comprehensive manner during our initial consultation or intake session. 

7. How do I make an appointment?

- You can contact me by submitting your form here , emailing me at, or call me at 415-909-8083 to schedule your free 20 minute initial consultation. We will see if we are a good fit and take it from there.


Services & Fees

Telecounseling Only 

Currently, I am only offering individual & family counseling through teletherapy

(video counseling via secure,

HIPAA-compliant platform). 

To learn more about teletherapy, please click here: What is Teletherapy?


20-minute Initial Consultation            Free

75-minute Intake Session                     $300

50-minute Counseling Session           $250


For Supervision, Consultation, Training and Workshops, inquire at


I am not currently on any insurance panels and am considered an out-of-network provider. I provide an invoice that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement upon request.

I recommend you consult your insurance provider about your level of out-of-network benefits and coverage. Some good questions to ask are: ​

  • Does my plan cover out-of-network mental health services?

  • What are my deductible and co-pay for out-of-network services?

  • What is the reimbursement rate for out-of-network outpatient mental health services?

  • How many sessions per year are covered?

  • What information do they require from you and from the provider to approve reimbursement?

Supervision, Consultation, Training & Workshop

I offer workshops, presentations & consultations to:

  • Companies 

  • Non & for-profit Organizations

  • Educational Institutions

On the following topics: 

  • Workplace-related issues (e.g., burnout, stress management, conflict resolution...etc)

  • Resilience building 

  • Coping and Self-care 

  • Communication Skills 

  • Boundary Setting 

  • Basic Helping Skills 

  • Career Development

  • Cross-Cultural Experience

  • Anxiety Management 

  • Mental Health Issues in Asian/Korean Americans 

  • Vicarious Trauma...and MORE!

Supervision & Training

I offer professional training and clinical supervision to:

  • Clinicians-in-training (doctorate-level)

  • Helping Professionals 


  • Individual Supervision

  • Group Supervision

  • Multicultural Competence in Counseling

  • Basic Counseling Skills

Workshops & Consultations


Schedule your 20-minute free initial consultation here:

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